search and recoveryHarbourside Divers have years of experience in underwater search and recovery. If you need our assistance locating and recovering any item underwater, then we can help!

Don’t worry, we have seen everything, and recovered many objects large and small. If you have lost something overboard that is important or valuable to you, don’t hesitate and call us now to get a quote for recovering it for you.

Our techniques for locating your lost objects include various seabed and grid searches, as well as using GPS and mapping technology.

Types of Sydney based recovery services that we provide are:

  • Mooring Recovery
  • Anchor Recovery
  • Propeller Recovery
  • Dinghy Recovery
  • Outboard Engine Recovery
  • Lost mooring chain
  • Lost boat ladder
  • Lost Wallet
  • Lost Sunglasses
  • Lost Keys

Our professional diving team has experience locating lost items underwater in any environment and conditions including:

  • Bay and Marina locations
  • High sea state areas
  • High boat traffic areas
  • Dirty water / limited visibility
  • Rivers and freshwater
  • Mud, silt, sand and stone seabeds.
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