Hundreds of vessels each year sink and need to be salvaged, through bad weather, faulty bilge pumps, unexpected water ingress and many other reasons – most of which aren’t your fault!

Our goal at Harbourside Divers is to give you an affordable solution to bringing your boat or yacht back to the surface in the best condition possible, in a timely manner. Our Melbourne based Underwater salvage divers can inspect, lift, pump out seawater, and arrange for towing of your vessel for repair within the Greater Melbourne region.

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Call us to arrange for our divers inspect your boat, its condition and position on the seabed.

  1. We provide you with a detailed scope of work involved in your boat or yacht salvage, and provide a quote for our services.
  2. A specified date and time is arranged for the salvage on accepting our quote.
  3. We arrive at the site, assess the vessel, check it’s position, assess any dangers or hazards present, take underwater photography for insurance purposes if necessary, and begin the task of safely lifting your vessel to the surface. Lifting techniques usually involve inflatable lift bags and/or a contracted barge with crane.
  4. Once your vessel is on the surface we assess the vessels freeboard status and pump out seawater until the vessel can maintain its own buoyancy.
  5. When the vessel is safely afloat, we can arrange towing to a slipway or boatyard for repair.


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