At Harbourside Divers we pride ourselves on being the most professional and affordable underwater hull cleaners in Melbourne. Our Melbourne based Hull Cleaning crew are fully qualified and insured ADAS commercial divers endeavor to provide you with a cost effective way of maintaining the condition of your boat or yachts hull and associated underwater running gear, while keeping her in water where she belongs.

Our dive team completes a thorough and systematic approach to removing the marine growth and fouling that happens as a result of a vessel being moored, birthed and used in the water constantly. A complete hull clean includes our divers completing a detailed clean of the waterline, sub-surface hull, strakes, keel, rudders, water outlets and intakes, transom, in water ladders, trim tabs, hydraulics, propellers, drive shafts, legs/pods, stabilisers and anything else that pertains to your boat operating effectively.



get in contact with our divers

You can contact Harbourside Divers via phone or email to discuss the best option for you and any specifics you may need to talk about. Here we can recommend a course of action and book in your hull clean.

travel to vessel

We provide our divers and all associated equipment to your Marina berth or mooring, at a specified time (you don’t need to be there if you are busy) to begin work.

we inspect and take pre-clean photos of your boat or vessel

Before we start, we take underwater photos of your hull, transom, waterline, running gear, and anodes to show you her condition.

we start the hull cleaning process

Our divers carry out a gentle rub down of the waterline, hull, keel and rudders to remove grime, algae and weed growth. We use a gloved hand, or non-abrasive pad to complete this task.

we clean your running gear

Depending on the amount of fouling on the running gear (propellers, shafts, legs), we may use a gloved hand, up to / including, stainless tools to remove stubborn growth. The transom, trim tabs and hydraulics are cleaned at this stage.

check anodes and intakes

We inspect your anodes and report back to you if they need replacing. We check your water intakes to make sure they are clear and free of blockages.

post-clean photos

We try to mirror the original photos of your vessel so that you can see the results of your hull clean, and how much of a difference it has made.

reports and sms

After completion of your boats hull clean, you will receive a SMS notifying you it is done, and a report via email in the next few days detailing the scope of work, which includes the before and after photos of your vessel.

make payment

Payment can be Cash or Direct Debit into our account. Our rates are hourly and are all inclusive. We charge pro –rata, so if the job only takes 30mins, you only get charged for 30mins. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE NOW

re-book hull cleaning - contact our divers today

Discounts apply to clients with regular bookings!



Our divers clean your boats hull by hand to allow us to use the minimum pressure necessary to achieve a clean boat without damaging the anti-fouling or protective coatings.

Our Sydney hull cleaning service is important in saving YOU money and time through:

  • Extending its time between slipping and re-antifouling
  • Reducing the wear and tear on your engine and running gear by removing marine growth that develops vibration and drag.
  • Preventing engine overheating by clearing blocked water intakes
  • Decreasing fuel consumption by reducing drag through the water
  • Removing marine growth from hydraulics and trim tabs that allow for the correct performance and trimming of your vessel while it is underway
  • Maintaining a slick, fast, hydro-dynamic hull for racing yachts to gain the edge on your competitors
  • Slipping and antifouling cost are often less due to a better hull condition coming out of the water.
  • Early detection of any underwater issues that you may never have noticed, in addition to photography and explanations, before a problem becomes too big to handle.
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