Need underwater diving help in a Hurry? We are Emergency Divers in Melbourne who are ready to take your call! Harbourside Divers are available for emergency diving jobs in the Melbourne area, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. No job is too difficult! We pride ourselves on finding solutions to any underwater emergency and putting our diving skills to good use. We have successfully completed tasks from finding wedding rings underwater at night, up to removing an obstruction from water intakes on chartered boats fully booked our for party hire.

Call us now to check our availability to come to you straight away.

  • Something stuck in your boats water intakes?
  • Lost a Propeller or Anchor?
  • Keys, wallet or wedding ring overboard?
  • My boats outboard engine just sunk!
  • A rope in your running gear?

Harbourside Divers can help in an underwater emergency, in a hurry.

lost wedding ring - search and recovery

I called Dom at 8pm on a Saturday night after having lost my wedding ring overboard when stepping off a boat at St. Kilda Pier. Dom & Justin came down straight away, even though it was dark, and successfully found my wedding ring within minutes!…Thanks boys, the wife would have killed me!

Alex, Hawthorn

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