Harbourside Commercial Divers commercial divers in Melbourne who are licensed under the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme for Occupational Diving, and are accredited to do all inshore commercial diving work.

Our divers are highly trained, professional and experts at underwater problem solving. Most of our Commercial divers in Melbourne are ex-military, giving us an edge on our competitors with our ability to work in small or large teams, adapt to changing conditions, remain flexible, and complete the mission safely and effectively. Our limitations are 30M depth for occupation SCUBA tasks, and 50M for occupation Surface Supplied Air diving tasks.

Our scope of commercial diving and civil works include:

  • Underwater rigging work on waterfront infrastructure, wharves , jetties and pontoons.
  • Search & recovery of lost items.
  • Underwater equipment salvage.
  • Underwater lift and shift, via inflatable lift bags, or rigging via external crane.
  • Underwater site survey, including underwater photography or video.
  • Cleaning seawater strainers / inlets for seawater air-conditioning systems and heat exchanges.
  • Anode Installation.
  • Underwater fitting ( Any connection of structural works via manual tools)
  • Freshwater commercial diving, including rivers and dams.
  • Tank inspections.
  • Mooring inspections.
  • Wave rider buoy or maritime navigational buoy inspection.


companies we have worked with for commercial diving services

Jobs completed for these companies include:

  • Fleetwood Urban – Underwater recovery of mooring chain for waterfront infrastructure and pontoons.
  • Medow – Search & Recovery of concrete mooring block. Installation of rigging for energy device.
  • Royal Motor Yacht Club – Recovery of lost mooring.
  • Sydney by Sail – Underwater Propeller removal and installation.
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